Welcome to DeepScythe.com.
This site has been a lifetime in the making. It is dedicated to help those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or both. I have battled them both since my earliest memories. I had mastered hiding it from those around me and suffered in silence. Some days, I couldn’t see a tomorrow through the pain of today. At times I felt like giving up because I was simply exhausted from fighting the battle that went on in my mind each day. I never let the pain destroy me, though at times I thought it would. Instead, my pain fueled the determination to find the key to my recovery. My pain was cleverly hidden behind an outgoing personality, a sense of humor, and a positive attitude. These things brought happiness to those around me, and I could then feed on their happiness as well as give me a sense of self-worth. It made me feel less defective and it was a way to not let the pain win. It has been an amazing journey and one that I am proud of. To me, this is bigger than Everest. The summit has a view that will last a lifetime. I hope by sharing what I have learned along the way in terms of the cause and treatment, you will be able to find the way to your own summit.

I found that when I share my story of overcoming anxiety and bouts of depression, most people either know someone or suffer themselves. It seems to be an epidemic that is kept silent. Whether you were brought to this site because you have been through traumatic events, trying times, or you just feel anxiety and sadness and don’t know why, I hope my experiences will encourage you to keep climbing and the research I have done will help you find your way to happiness. After many years of frustration with doctors prescribing pills and telling me “how to decrease my stress”, I finally started digging into the cause. I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together and I have found more answers than I could have ever imagined. Answers that have changed my life.

I will continue to seek new information and update this site and blog regularly. It is a place where you can come to feel, share and heal. Where you can find and share information with others who feel all alone in their struggles. Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest information, some inspirational thoughts, or the latest creative expressions as I continue to work through my past.

Although we have to climb the mountain ourselves, it doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. Feel free to email me with any comments, questions, or if you need someone to listen. It will be kept confidential.

From today on, your happiness is entirely up to you.

“I looked outside, the sky dark and gray…I decided that only I can choose the color of my day.”
Troy White ©2010

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