Finding My Way

Life lifts me
then lets me down.
A jovial smile turns
to a disappointed frown.

I look up to the Lord,
hands clasped I pray.
“I’ve strayed from my path,
can you show me the way?”

Tomorrow is born
a new sun shall rise.
Yesterday leaving me
a little more wise.

I now see a path,
dark and unclear.
With one step comes faith,
with the next comes fear.

I look up to the Lord,
somewhat confused.
“This path can’t be right,
it doesn’t look used.”

The path becomes brighter
with each step I take.
A little more clear
with each decision I make.

I look up to the Lord
my eyes filled with tears.
“Thank you dear Lord
for releasing my fears.”

The Lord finally answered
in the silent way he gives.
Where once was a void,
a purpose now lives.

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